Format: 12" repress
Cat: SMR 012
Released: 13 Mar 19
Genre: Deep House


Side 1
1. "The Way" (feat Peven Everett & Josh Milan)
2. "The Way" (feat Peven Everett & Josh Milan - part 2)
Side 2
1. "Liquid"
2. "Liquid Beats"


Whut!? DJ Qu, Peven Everett and Josh 'Blaze' Milan on a cut together? That's correct the latest Strength Music transmission pairs up label boss Qu with two of house music's most iconic names in Everett and Milan for the A Side two parter "The Way". On the opening version, Everett's fragile vocal, is the perfect foil for one of Qu's deeper spacious arrangements which is blessed by Milan's key playing skills, with the latter element even more prominent on 'part two'. Face down and it's DJ Qu in solo mode for the excellent "Liquid" which sees a mainframe of clipped percussion and gurgling analogue basslines lifted towards the stars by the most wondrous of Utopian synth patterns and gurgling analogue basslines. Do check the accompanying heads down, bugged out "Liquid Beats" version too. Big release from NYC!

Played by

Owen Jay (Batti Batti / Gauss ), Jonna (City Fly / Mysterious Works), Ender, Rob Gribbin, Gaetano Battista, Hernan Cronner, O.utlier, DJ QU, Zenner, Toni Be, FabioDellaTorre (Minimono/Bosconi), Kisk, Dj Prophet, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Jorge Caiado / Conversion, Sascha Dive, NICOLA CONTE, Doo, Joe Bonez (Burek), RUF DUG, Diego Perrisson, Wil Maddams, Joe Montana, Tommy Finger Jr., Djs: Most Charted - Deep House, Teshno, Alex Salvador, Joey Anderson

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