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When? 29 March 2004
Where? Ekeren
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Boohoohoo. it's all over and done with, that fantastic Boo! tour in Europe.

Yes I know, this was supposed to be a website merely promoting folk and gothic music (yes, that's right, I'm in fact one of those people wearing long black skirts and listening to very unfashionable music!), but here I am nagging about monkipunk again. This website really starts looking like a Boo! shrine, but I promise I won't do it again, at least, not until the next time.

You know, I only recently discovered the yahoo newsgroup of Boo! - shame on me! - and only yesterday did I read Chris Chameleon's explanation of his being attacked by two men in his house in South-Africa. How horrible that must have been! But what struck me most, was Chris's pacifistic attitude. In fact, he really has something hippy-ish about him, doesn't he? Not in his looks of course, but in his ideas of peace, love and happiness. Really, Chris is simply too good for this world! Which confirms of course Jan Lissens' view, namely that not only Marcel's trousers come from another dimension, but also the members of Boo! themselves. And in all honesty, I strongly suspect Jan originating from that same dimension, but hush, don't tell anyone!

Warming up

Now, about the concert, ...
I know, you're all waiting for the Boo! review - at least, that's what I hope for - but let's start with the beginning. I must admit that I felt a bit disappointed when I first laid eyes upon the "Ekerse theaterzaal". It sounded rather posh, but in reality the small, old fashioned and cheerless hall looked in nothing like a "theaterzaal".
When I arrived, there was hardly a soul on the premises. Ampie was sitting at the entrance next to a guy selling tickets. How I felt like saying to him that he should let other people do this work for him and that he should have a chat with me instead, but I kept my mouth shut like a true coward. I wandered about a bit and checked out the lavatory. This proved to be a great challenge. It could have been a nice concept for a game: find the door with a lock that actually functions and, moreover, find the toilet paper!
It took me a while to recover from those first impressions, but I wasn't planning to let that ruin my evening, so I opened up my heart to the support act, or at least I tried to.
What was I thinking in saying that Zita Swoon might be the surprise act? How I would have loved this, though: Chris Chameleon singing a duet with Stef Kamil Carlens . this would surely be any girl's wet dream - if we could have those, that is!
Instead, the surprise act turned out to be a local band playing surf music. In their neat suits combined with Hawaiian shirts, they were adequately dressed for that purpose too! I failed to catch the name of the band, unfortunately ("The incredible sucking spongies" I was told later on!), and I failed to catch most of their gig too I'm afraid, since a major part of the audience obviously didn't care.
I must admit that I'm not really into surf music, but I do find it rather amusing. The younger part of the audience seemed to be sceptical, except for a few brave girls who were obviously already warming up for Boo! The elder part of the audience, however, seemed to be rather enjoying the Shadow-like surf music.
Now well, of course it isn't that easy to be Boo!'s support act: either you should already have a considerable fan club, or you should be as nuts as the members of Boo! themselves, like Yumi Yumi for example. The support act surely wasn't bad, but everyone was waiting for.

The Real Thing

There are no more certainties in this world.
Today, princess Leonie wasn't wearing white socks, at least not visibly. Marcel wasn't wearing his lucky pair of jeans either. I felt completely disorientated.
I think we should stop writing reviews, for they actually seem to read them. It struck me too that Chris started speaking about his hair cut today, which I just mentioned in my previous review. A mere coincidence surely, but let a young girl (or should I say a not that old girl) dream on, will you! Chris told the audience that he would like to wear a mullet (in Dutch: een matje of tapijtje in de nek.). Dear Chris, in that case, I will seriously have to reconsider being a fan of yours! Did you know that the true mullet spirit is nothing without a moustache and really big sunglasses?! Why don't you consider wearing a mohawk instead? You do play monkiPUNK, don't you?

Chris looked rather yumi yumi in his black narrow pants and finally I had the opportunity to admire Ampie in real life wearing his "Nicole and Hugo" outfit, which looked less "Nicole and Hugo" than I'd imagined. I also loved Leon's shirt in fluorescent blue with buttons all over it: very cool indeed! Well I really start sounding like a groupie, don't I? Shall I come to the point, then?

The gig was as good as ever I guess, but I cannot get rid of the thought that the circumstances could have been better. From where I stood, I had the impression that the sound wasn't optimal. Judging from the pictures, the light was also far from ideal. But maybe I'm just a spoilt brat! When I was at school, I certainly would have appreciated it if my school had organised lectures on life in South-Africa followed by a concert. So, way to go Sint-Lambertus! At least, this last show enabled me to absorb just enough of Boo! to make it through the coming Boo!-less months.

Unfortunately, I had to leave during "Number one" in order to catch a bus to the railway station. Can anyone tell me whether they played many other songs after that??? Of course, when I arrived at the station, my train was standing there sadistically with all doors closed for another five minutes, before leaving me behind in Antwerpen-Centraal.

Sometimes even the life of a Boo! fan can be hard. Luckily, there's always their music to cheer me up again!