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20 Miles as the Wolf Runs

When? 24 April 2004
Where? Oeselgem
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20 Miles

On the 24th of April 2004 I witnessed a world première: the first performance of the Electro band 20 Miles as the Wolf Runs, featuring Anouschka Defraeye and Filip Coussement.
Yes, that's right, you've heard those names before. Anouschka occasionaly writes reviews for AMF. She gave us her impressions on Garmarna and La Paloma Negra.

Instead of me writing a review on their performance, I thought it would be nice if the artists themselves would write about their experience. Coming soon, I hope!

I can already lift the veil a little bit: they managed quite well, given that it was their first live performance! Filip is a real showman, dancing and jumping behind his keyboard. Anouschka has a beautiful voice and only needs to acquire a little more self-confidence.
In short, all they have to do is compose a few extra songs and add a few final strokes and we might come across "20 Miles as the Wolf Runs" at The Invitation next year! ;-)



Anouschka's impressions

Wednesday night, in the middle of celebrating my new job, I got a phone call from Filip : “would I like to perform on Sleuterrock, 2 days later?” In January, we had sent an awful demo to the Sleuterrock guys and as we were not selected, I had totally forgotten about it, until Wednesday night, that is… As I had already planned something on Thursday night, we would only be able to rehearse on Friday night and Saturday morning, which freaked me out, I have to admit. And what freaked me out even more, was Filip’s statement, that we would play that new song, too (i.e. I had written a text the week before and we’d just agreed on which song I would sing it) … So Friday night we rehearsed this new song so much that I woke up in the morning singing the lyrics….

We had to perform at 4.35 p.m. but when we arrived at 3.30 p.m., we heard they were running a little late. No problem, because not all of our friends had arrived yet. In fact, it actually was a bit of a problem to me, as I was so nervous I thought I would faint. At 5.10 p.m. we started sound checking and it turned out that one of the cables did not work. Some minutes later they found a solution, after which we could finally start. Because of this technical problem we lost 5 minutes, which pissed me off as it meant we had to skip one song. Filip was a bit confused about this and made some mistakes in the last song, but if I hadn\'t made a face, no one would have noticed… sorry Filip !!!!

Even if we didn’t make it into the top 3, I was really pleased: it was our first time and I think we did quite well. I was also very happy to hear that a lot of people liked it and I was even more happy that our friends had listened very carefully and could point out what our weaknesses were. We’ll surely work at it !!!

So, I hope we will get the chance to perform a lot more as it is the best way to learn and, of course, because it is such an amazing experience to me. … making music is the most wonderful thing there is!!!



Filip's impressions

Tja, ik denk dat Anouschka het meeste al verteld heeft. Ik was tot mijn grote verbazing niet echt zenuwachtig, tot we -2 nummers voor het einde- de mededeling kregen dat we niet alle nummers mochten spelen. Dit bracht me volledig uit mijn concentratie, waardoor ik het laatste nummer "let" (onze "hit") zowat volledig verknald heb.

Al bij al hebben we heel wat positieve reacties gekregen en dat doet wel deugd.

Hierbij zou ik nog de organisatie van Sleuterrock willen bedanken en de winnaars "Sopha" willen feliciteren. Ze waren gewoon de beste!